Winter BLUES!


That’s my mom and I when we were excited that it was snowing on Christmas Eve……

…71 days later…


…this is me now, on the phone with my mom telling her it’s snowing, AGAIN!!!

I’m actually bored here at work, because yes, it is snowing here yet again, meaning no one is stopping by to view our model homes. ┬áSo I thought I’d just talk on my blog! Read on if you’re bored, or crazy from the snow, or two seconds away to moving to ANY island building sand castles for a living!

Of course I moved up to Rochester, NY for THE worst winter in decades. That’s my luck in a nutshell as of late. I loved it here during the summer as it mimics a southern town in Georgia with it’s thick forests and lazy rivers, but the winters here, even though this is a bad one, really do go on forever. I also learned that “lake effect snow” happens often and there’s no telling how much you will actually get! Yay! An added bonus.

That right there is enough for me to possibly say, “See ya later, gator”, and look else where to live! Some people are really good about winters, they still go out for dinner, go out with friends, and do winter sports all season. Not me. I love to ski and frolic in the snow, and sit in a cabin drinking hot chocolate….ONCE A YEAR.

I just wonder how does everyone handle your winters? Do you hibernate? Do you migrate, or do you keep active…if so, what do you like to do to get yourself through the winters?

I’m a hibernator. I don’t like to go outside when it’s cold. I don’t like to ski that much, and I certainly don’t like to wait for my car to heat up every time I want to go somewhere! OH, and I have a dog that can’t handle the cold…well, 9 degree weather that is. Do you know what it’s like having to walk a dog every single day when the poor thing freezes up in 5 minutes and I have to keep going in and out of the apartment to warm up! Holy moly, I feel so bad for him! I keep telling him, “We will move someplace warm I promise!”.

I do take Vitamin E,D, extra C, and most importantly, my B Complex’s to help with the SAD syndrome that comes along with these long winters. I also joined a ballet class here to keep me motivated, keep me around people, and just getting me out of the house. Otherwise, I’d just be doing workout videos in my living room:)

That’s what I do. But the fact is, I’m like Newton’s law of motion….”An object in motion tends to remain in motion”. And in the winter, I’m not in motion, I’m in my pajama’s by 5:00pm. That’s my law. “Kelly’s law of winter”.

What’s worse is I’m getting married in May and right now is the time to be getting in shape for my wedding! My body is hanging on to my winter coat for dear life I tell ya! Driving to the gym in 2 degree weather is not motivation. Snuggling with my pets and Dan watching movies is what is keeping me sane right now!

Hope this winter ends NOW. And that we can all rid our closets of our bulky winter jackets and snow boots!!!

It’s safe to say that we’re all sick of this winter, but given the chance, would you move someplace warm if you could? Or would you stay?

Very soon, I’ll be helping families live healthier & safer lives!


I’m almost done with my Eco-Maternity & Green-proofing Consulting course! Yay for me! I finish at the end of this week, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be able to expand my areas of expertise; more importantly, to be certified at doing so!!!

I’m super excited to talk about all the eye-opening and important information I’ve learned throughout this course. I can’t wait to lend support to those whom are interested, and most importantly, help pre-conceiving women, expecting mothers, and families with my consulting service. Also, through this blog, (I may be starting a different blog!), I’m going to be sharing with you some really important information, facts, and show you easy ways you can slowly change your own, and your families lives, in order to have a safer and healthier lifestyle. I will also focus a lot on how a women can prepare her body for a healthy pregnancy, things to do during pregnancy, and of course after birth; how to create a safe and healthy living environment that’s free of harmful toxins and chemicals that you may not even know about!

-Wholesome Gal


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